• Our entire family of animal buddies has grown to over 100.  We have all types of neat and fun animals including bunnies, teacup pigs, miniature cows, miniature donkeys, and exotic unique animals like alpacas and miniature llamas, Tennessee Walker horse and miniature horses.  All of these animals are available for a petting zoo at your next event. We would like to introduce you to a few of our special friends below.

  • Beau - Tennessee Walking horse

    Beau is our amazing Tennessee Walking Horse.  Beau is actually considered a big pony.  Both adults and kids can ride this horse.  Beau is completely socialized and loves people, especially kids, as much as his baby carrot treats.

  • Apache - Miniature Horse (Too small to be ridden)

    Apache is one of our miniature horses.  He is a little  bigger than our Golden Retrievers.  He loves kids, treats and attention.  He is too small to be ridden.  Kids still have great fun with him leading him around. 

  • Edgar - Camel

    Edgar is a very sweet Dromedary Camel.  Which is a camel with one hump  He was born Feb. 13, 2020.  He loves to be petted and give kisses.  We have had him since he was 4 weeks old.  We never knew a camel could be so sweet.  Here he is pictured with his buddy King Louie Abu which is a squirrel monkey.  Louie loves his camel rides.    

  • Ace

    Ace is a truly gentle alpaca.  He loves kids hugging on him.  He will also eat his sweet feed out of anyone's hand.  

  • Scooby Miniature Llama

    Scooby is one of our mini llamas.  He loves being around people and having his baby carrot treats hand-fed to him.  Scooby is a therapy llama and enjoys visiting nursing home and assisted living home residents.  Scooby is a very proud llama that guards the alpaca herd in his free time and occasionally gives little girls kisses!

  • Souey - Teacup Pig

    Souey is a teacup pig that does not realize she is so small.  She loves hanging out with the alpacas and mini horses.  She also loves to eat so we have to closely monitor her food or she might end up a bit larger than a teacup.

  • Mini Goats

    They may be little in size, but they are huge in energy!  They love to be held and have their backs scratched and ears rubbed.  They really love running and jumping too.  So much fun just watching these little ones play with each other.  Oh and they like to be fed treats too!!

  • Bunnies

    We have a wide assortment of bunnies.  We have both  grown bunnies and baby bunnies.  We place the bunnies on a table so that they can be easily petted.  We bring many different colors of bunnies.  

  • Mini Donkey

    Sunny is a miniature donkey.  She is very sweet and comes running every time she sees us.  She loves kids because they are just her size.  Sometimes she manages to get up an EEEEAAAAWWW when she thinks there is food around. 

  • Tucker And Rusty

    Rusty and Tucker are mini Zebu cows.  They love kids!  You will be amazed at how small and sweet these cows are.  They will follow you around the field and love on you.       

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