• Policies:

    • A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required before your date is confirmed. Once we have emailed you a contract, we will also send you an invoice.  You can pay non-refundable deposit by credit card.  Once we receive your deposit your date will be confirmed.  If we have not received your deposit within 48 hours after you have contacted us to reserve an event, we will contact you as a gentle reminder.   An invoice for the balance of the zoo will be emailed to you 2 days before the zoo. You must pay the balance of the zoo the day before the zoo.  If you would like to pay cash the day of the zoo, you must make previous arrangements.  If arrangements have been made for cash, the cash must be given to the driver before we will setup for the zoo.  We DO NOT accept personal checks.
    • We will come rain or shine.  However, for your safety and the safety of our wonderful pets, we will not come if the weather is dangerous such as thunderstorms, snow, sleet or ice.  We give you the opportunity to reschedule to another open date and we will apply your deposit to the new date.  If it begins to rain after the party begins, the party will continue as planned.
    • We add $1.00 per mile round trip from our farm in Monroe, NC.  This will be added to the cost of your package.
    • We will do everything in our power to make sure that our wonderful animals in the package that you selected can attend your event.  However, if one of our animals is sick, they will be left at home for the well-being of the animals and for the safety of your guests.  Another animal will be substituted in its place.  
    • These are live animals so of course they will have accidents.  We provide clean up after we are finished.  Alpaca and Llama leftovers are called ‘Black Gold’ and highly valued by gardeners.  We can leave some behind if you would like.
    • We require 15 minutes to setup for your party.  You are not charged for setup time.  Your time starts once we are setup and we tell you that we are ready.
    • We provide hand sanitizer at each event.
    • We ask that dogs be kept away from the animals. While these animals love our dogs, they will not be comfortable with dogs they are not familiar with. 
    • We do allow the kids to feed and pet the animals with the handlers.  Please make sure that all animals are treated respectfully and gently by all kids.  We understand that the kids will be excited but they must also respect the animals.

    What is needed for the safety of the animals:

    • We will setup a small corral for the horses, alpacas and llamas.  For the smaller animals we will setup a small corral or table where the kids can come in feed, pet and handle the animals.
    • Animals love grass, if you have grass available for them they would LOVE a few blades of it.  However, please make sure the grass has not been treated with pesticides 48 hours before the zoo arrives.
    • We ask that dogs be kept away from the animals. The animals view dogs as predators and will be afraid of them.
    • Please do not allow the kids to scream or run around the animals.  This will cause the animals to be afraid of the kids. 
    • During the HOT southern summers, we would like to be in a shady area if one is available.  If not, we can bring tents for the animals comfort.  
  •  Fully Insured

    Inspected and Licensed